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Cutting the Cord on Cable TV

There once was a time when ditching your cable provider sounded like the last thing you ever wanted to do. How will you know what Gibbs’ team on NCIS is up to? Who will the Bachelor choose this season? At one point, these pressing questions could only be answered by having an actual cable provider. However, with the evolution of TV, technology,  cable streaming services and HD antennas such as the Clear TV Key, you can still watch some of your favorite programs without coughing up extreme amounts of money each month.

Gone are the days when keeping up with your favorite shows meant budgeting for expensive cable services each month. More and more people are cutting the cord with cable and opting for less expensive yet more efficient methods. If you’re considering cutting your ties with cable, here’s how to quantify your potential savings.

  1. List your TV show must-haves
    Let’s examine your current cable package. You probably have over 1,000 channels. Of that 1,000, some are music stations, some are 24-7 infomercials, and 1 station dedicated to reprogramming your remote. I bet you don’t watch any of them and quite frankly, we can learn how to reprogram our remote with the owner’s manual. You’re wasting money on channels that you don’t even watch. Collect everyone in your family and have them make a list of the programs that they do watch. You’ll be surprised to find out how little TV your household actually consumes.
  1. Research your options
    After you have compiled your list of TV show must-haves, check out your options for streaming services. Many homes can get away with Netflix or Hulu, or a mixture of the two, for way less than the cost of a basic cable package. You may even be able to just buy an HD antenna and get broadcast television stations for free! One HD antenna in particular that works well based on reviews is the Clear TV Key. This apparatus simply plugs into the back of your television and receives the transmissions from channels such as ABC, FOX, PBS, NBC, Telemundo, and many more. Combining these options gives you the customized television experience that you need.
  2. Calculate the cost
    The whole point in making the switch is to save money! The average American pays roughly $123 per month for cable. This means you’re paying $123 dollars for channels that you couldn’t care less about. Opting for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Clear TV Key are just a fraction of the cost that a monthly cable bill would rack up.

Once you put it into perspective, you will soon realize exactly how much money you are wasting on services that you and your family never use. So, consider making the switch!

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