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Say Goodbye to Cable and Hello to Life!

Who doesn’t love the travel channel? From learning about different cultures to seeing jaw-dropping landscapes, the travel channel connects us directly to these amazing locations. The same could be said for the cooking channel too. One station filled with skilled chefs teaching you how to make crème brûlée and become the perfect hostess at your next holiday party. TV is great! But do you know what’s better than seeing all of this on TV? Going out and experiencing it for yourself.

Over the past few years, the cost of cable has continuously increased at a steady rate and that is not set to change any time in the future. This means more money to the cable providers and less money in your pocket. With less money to do the fun things that you enjoy, it makes sense why you feel attached to television programs that show other people actively living their lives outside the home. While you may not be the next Anthony Bourdain or Real Housewife of Atlanta, you can absolutely begin to live the life you want when you cut off cable.

The average American spends roughly $123 on their monthly cable bill. Multiply that over the course of one year and you’re wasting on average $1,426 annually on channels, fees, and services that you don’t need. $1,426 is a lot of money to just throw away. Clear TV Key, a digital HD device that plugs into your TV and streams your favorite broadcast channels, reviews better ways for you to spend that monthly $123.

Gym Membership
There’s no better way to peel yourself off the couch than by going to the gym. While some gym memberships can cost the same as your monthly cable bill, there are an increasing number of more affordable options. Planet Fitness, for example, provides all the necessary equipment to break a sweat without breaking the bank.

Date Night
Plopping yourself down in front of the TV and watching a movie is a really cute way to spend time with one another. However, one can only watch Sleepless in Seattle so many times before wanting to actually visit Seattle. By cutting your cable, you can spend that time and money on a romantic night out (and a babysitter) with your significant other. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a nice hike, that cable money can be put to better use.

Family Night Out
You and your family probably spend a lot of time in separate rooms watching TV. Sometimes, you could be watching the same exact program. Drop the remotes, pick up the car keys, pack up the kids, get out, and have fun! For $123, you and your family can reconnect over activities you all love to do (outside of television). Consider letting each member of the family have a different month to choose what activity they want the family to do.

Saving it for a Family Vacation
The big prize! You could opt to spend the money each month or you could save it all up and put it towards a big family vacation at the end of the year. From camping at Yosemite to a nice cruise, there are plenty of family vacation options for under $1500.

When you cut your ties with cable TV, and start living life more, you’ll soon realize exactly how much money you are wasting. Once you realize it, you’ll never go back.

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