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Seeking The Best Digital Television Signal? Try These Tips, Tricks To Ensure Quality Service

The transition to digital television wasn’t intended to be a burden upon the masses. Rather, the federally-mandated move was supposed to clear up clutter in the airwaves so that there would be more space for wireless and public safety communications. Prior to this, television broadcasters were sending out both analog signals – which traditional televisions could pick – as well as digital data.

After the June 2009 transition officially took place, digital converter boxes would be required to receive the signals being sent out. After researching Clear TV Key reviews, you’ll see why those who’ve opted out of their cable subscriptions have the upper hand financially.

The catch here is that by cutting ties with your cable company, you’ll need a digital antenna to receive broadcast channels alongside a dozen other special interests and local programs. Fortunately, such devices are far from expensive and can guarantee reception if you adhere to the following tips and tricks.

1) Placement: Finding the right spot for a digital antenna can be an experiment in fine-tuning. Generally, it’s recommended that you be located within 25 miles of broadcasting antenna. Further, it’s advisable that you experiment with placement and direction if you’re encountering difficulties with reception of certain stations. There are online maps that show where major broadcast antennas are located; try pointing your antenna toward it to see if service improves.

2) Geography: It’s important to consider your surroundings when placing a digital antenna and experiencing a few hiccups along the way. Hills, buildings and trees are capable of creating minor reception problems with signal strength. These physical impediments are capable of deflecting or weakening broadcast signals.

3) Your TV: Televisions with an “Antenna In” or “Cable In” port should be digital antenna-compatible. You’ll also need a TV built after March 2007 so that it comes with a digital tuner already installed. Some televisions build before that date may still work with a digital antenna granted it has a menu for scanning digital channels.

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