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Stop Handing Over Hard-Earned Cash To Cable Companies When TV Can Be Had For Free

clear tv key

“Why bother?” It’s a question many cable television subscribers have likely asked themselves when thinking about ditching the service. You probably watch TV occasionally, think it is convenient enough and begrudgingly pay the monthly bill. If you ask us though, all of those are great reasons why you should immediately cut ties with your cable company. That’s because the Clear TV Key is all you need to stay informed and entertained. This digital antenna is designed to offer the programs that matter at a price that can’t be beat: free! Here’s how it works: the Clear TV  Key is a digital television antenna that plugs into any modern television set made after 2007. It then improves reception of broadcast television signals and improves picture quality. All you need to do is place it in a spot in your house that you think will offer the best reception, although it should be noted that this is typically an extra step and the Clear TV Key will work well just about anywhere in your home.

What do you get in exchange for dropping the monthly cable bill from your list of recurring expenses? On top of the $1,000 you’ll save each year, a Clear TV Key will provide you access to dozens of broadcast channels and original content. That means local and national news, sporting events, children’s programs, foreign language programs and more from stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and more.  According to a recent article from The Daily Mail, nearly 30 percent of Americans did not know that local TV is a free service. The revelation came via a study by the National Association of Broadcasters and some who spoke to media outlets regarding the resurgence of so-called “bunny ears” antennas couldn’t be happier with the decision to simplify things. Other industry experts say that tens of thousands of these devices, including the Clear TV Key, have been sold to consumers who cut the cord with their cable company and are looking for a new way to  entertain themselves at home.

That’s what this is really all about: Realizing that entertainment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money is a great conclusion to come to. While some cable companies scramble to create so-called “skinny” packages where fewer channels are offered to already cash-strapped consumers, isn’t it best to get out now while you still can? Cable providers are going to do whatever they can to keep you around and since there’s a binding contract between the two of you, it’s possible that the lower price of the “skinny” deal could go up after just one year. A Clear TV Key antenna simply allows you to avoid the hassle.

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