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Clear TV Key Provides Best Budget-Friendly Option For Sports Fans Seeking Local Games

For many Americans, Sunday is a day dedicated to football. If you’re not tailgating in the parking lot with the game playing on the radio, then you probably have a seat in the stadium. Those are ideal scenarios if you want to leave the house, but they aren’t the only way to catch NFL games and other major league sports teams. For those who want to take advantage of their immediate surroundings, then you’ve got the game on television at home with some friends coming over to watch. However, the problem here is that the host is paying – on average – more than $100 per month for their cable bill. That adds up to more than $1,000 a year and for folks who often find themselves turning on the TV to watch sports events and nothing else, that’s a decent amount of money.


There are a few solutions on the market  that we will explore below, but the Clear TV Key is arguably one of the best. That’s because the indoor digital television antenna gives viewers the ability to watch TV without paying for a cable subscription service. In fact, the only thing that owners of a Clear TV Key need to do is plug in the device and enjoy NFL games every Sunday afternoon and evening during football season.


The stumbling block to watching major league sporting events on your TV at home is which carrier is providing the content. For example, NBC, Fox and CBS will all carry games that show teams local to the regional market. What if you’re a transplant to the area you’re living in now and want to catch the match of the home team – even if “home” is a few thousand miles away?  This is where it gets complicated and, at times, expensive. Cable TV subscribers will have ESPN and associated channels that will hopefully carry said game. There’s also the option that many so-called “cord-cutters” have opted for and that’s online-only streaming services. For example. Hulu’s sports package is still $40 a month and only provides ESPN access beyond the three other national broadcasting companies. Again, this route isn’t free and you’ll still have to hope that the streaming service of your choice has entered into an agreement with the league to show their games.


These variables are one of the reasons why  the Clear TV Key is often the ideal answer to catching the largest variety of sporting events for the best prices – which is free! Think about it this way: How are you going to justify spending $40 per month once the football, basketball, hockey or baseball season ends and – once again – there’s nothing on TV to watch?

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