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Latest TV Subscription Data Dump Shows ‘Cord-Cutting’ Isn’t Slowing Down Any Time Soon

clear tv reviewWith third quarter earnings data now available, it’s clear that the “cord-cutting” phenomenon has become the go-to tactic for homeowners who’ve grown tired of paying for cable television. According to a Nov. 1, 2017 article from the New York Post, five of the seven largest cable TV providers lost a combined 632,000 customers. The newspaper notes that when factoring for the two other companies and their losses, it’s likely that 1 million Americans decided that they’d had enough of paying for cable television. Per the report, that one million mark  is just in the third quarter and it is on top of 16 million other folks who’d ditched cable television services in 2016. Additional data from industry outlets note that quarter 2 losses fell just short of the 1 million mark, but that’s not exactly a silver lining. As the Post puts it, this trend is “awful for the bottom line of cable TV providers.”

The thing is, it’s hard to blame hard-working individuals for exhibiting a bit more caution when it comes to spending their money. Given the sheer number of people researching and realizing alternatives to expensive cable TV, it’s no surprise that so many are searching Clear TV review data. That’s because this antenna, which plugs into any modern TV and gives you access to dozens of broadcast channels, comes with no strings attracted and more importantly, no monthly bill for $100 or more.  The device, which is designed to improve signal strength and reception from major broadcasters, is quickly becoming the alternative for millions of Americans who’ve joined the ranks of other cord-cutters. Those who invest in a digital television antenna from companies like Clear TV Key are always pleased with how easy it is to set this device up and the great programming it provides them with, thus the fact that there’s no shortage of helpful Clear TV review submissions. You’ll be able to watch local and national news broadcasts, sporting events, children’s programming, classic movies, foreign language shows and so much more.

It isn’t difficult to figure out why so many people are dumping their cable providers and instead reading up on positive Clear TV review input. The average homeowner could expect to pay more than $1,000 each year for cable television access. By switching to a cheaper package or going for a digital television antenna that carries no monthly bill whatsoever, they are boosting their bottom line. That’s not something that’s always all that easy to do, so any opportunity to save considerable amount of money should be seized upon.

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