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Budget-Friendly Cable Television Alternative Available In Form Of Clear TV Key Antenna

clear tv keyEveryone has their specific, yet often quite personal, reasons for ditching their cable TV service provider. However, we’re willing to bet that much of their logic comes back to the bank account and sobering fact that the cost of entertainment is actually an inconvenience. Said another way: Cable television isn’t cheap. According to recent media reports, the average American consumer reports in 2017 spending between $85 and $100 each month on cable and satellite television, respectively. When you add that up, many Americans also wonder what else they could be spending that $1,000 a year on. Take that train of thought to the next station and we bet you’re wondering what other options exist.


Fortunately, we have freedom of choice and it’s not set in stone that a cable TV bill is an essential and required life expense. This is where the Clear TV Key comes into play and the thousands upon thousands of consumers who’ve tried it out couldn’t be happier. That’s because this device simultaneously allows you to unsubscribe from your cable TV package while retaining free access to dozens of broadcast channels. That’s because the Clear TV Key provides for improved signal reception and quality of programming that you need to see to stay entertained and informed. With this antenna, you’ll have local and national news broadcasts, sporting events, children’s programming, classic movies, foreign language channels and more. These are shows from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ION, CW and more. This guarantees that the shows you get to see will be top-notch. All you have to do to install a Clear TV Key at home is find a suitable place for this antenna with the least amount of interference and you’ll enjoy the channels noted above. Since this device plugs into every modern television manufactured after 2007, it’s highly likely that you already have a compatible device in your home.


The government-mandated transfer of television from over-the-air broadcasts to all-digital signals meant that there would be better picture and sound quality. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), major television stations have been broadcasting in this digital format since the 2009 requirement. With a Clear TV Key, this advantage is on the table in exchange for a one-time purchase of the antenna. Another unique perk of using the Clear TV Key is that broadcast channels aren’t compressed like their cable TV counterparts, as to make space for transmitting additional channels, so the improved picture quality is easily distinguished. All in all, those on the fence about the cost of their cable bill should seek out budget-friendly alternatives before sending off one more check to legacy cable companies that will continue to struggle to retain customers for the foreseeable future.

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