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Clear TV Key Can Help ‘Cord-Cutting’ Consumers Eliminate Expensive Monthly Cable Bill

cut the cable cordIf you’ve ever sat down at the kitchen table at the end of the month and worried about which bills are going to be paid first and which ones can wait, it may be time to cut expenses — and not corners. For far too many of us, it’s been far too long since the last impartial look at what we spend our hard-earned income on each month. The monthly cable television bill, once considered an essential component of staying informed and entertained, is now a legacy product. According to a recent Business Insider article about staff picks, the author explains how they “made a compromise for the sake of my wallet and stopped paying for cable five years ago.” This person is hardly alone. In fact, a Variety magazine from late 2017 predicted that 22 million Americans would have made the decision in the previous year alone. “By 2021, the number of cord-cutters will nearly equal the number of people who have never had pay TV — a total of 81 million U.S. adults,” Variety reports. Do you want to join the ranks of who’ve turned to devices like the Clear TV Key to save money every single month? Then continue reading!


In short, the Clear TV Key is a highly-affordable HDTV antenna that will connect to any modern television set manufactured after 2007. In return for plugging this antenna in, you’ll enjoy access to dozens of broadcast channels – free of charge. That means ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS and plenty more. Since these channels carry quality programming that appeals to viewers of all ages, you’ll be able to cut the cord and keep your household happy at the same time. Moreover, any recent positive Clear TV review will show that the ease of installation is another perk that’s much appreciated. The only thing that owners need to concern themselves with finding a space in their home free from natural interference to best receive the signals from local broadcasting antennas.


While the government mandate that forced broadcasters to change their analog signals to digital was out of your control, not to mention making your TV set outdated in the blink of an eye, the Clear TV Key gets you back in the game. While some have turned to internet streaming services in search of entertainment, those outlets aren’t free, either. As a Clear TV review will clearly show those considering this product, you’ll no longer have to pay the national average of more than $100 every month to simply watch television. Instead, you can plug your antenna in and enjoy free television whenever is convenient for you – and not worry about the income you’re squandering when the TV set sits dormant.

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