Bluewire TV Antenna Reviews Does It Live Up to the Hype

Once I got hooked on to my TV antenna, it really made me wonder as to why was I spending so much on the cable TV services. This led me to spread awareness about the advantages that come along with a TV antenna. There has been a rise in the number of people cutting the cord to save up on that money.

This has led to people wanting to learn more about TV antennas and which one would suit their needs. So, basically there are a lot of companies out there in the market that offer various models of TV antennas. Each of them have something unique to offer. There are some which are really perfect, whereas some are not that great models. Some are priced too high whereas some are moderately priced.

One among those many new TV antenna company’s is the Bluewire TV antenna. There are a lot of people who have questioned about this antenna and whether it is for real or no. Let us go through the review for this antenna to see if it is really beneficial as a Free TV option.

Finding information about Bluewire TV antenna wasn’t an easy task. There is not much information available about this antenna on the internet. I had to read through various reviews and blogs to get some information that would be useful to share. Through my research and also the company website I got to know that this antenna allows:

  • To watch local news, weather and live TV shows
  • This antenna works with any of the TV model
  • There are no commitments or contracts binding the viewers
  • All the channels are available absolutely free for lifetime
  • The programs are made available on 1080p HD format

Using the U.S military technology, this antenna has been designed. Hence it is considered to be a sturdy, reliable and durable device. This antenna has a sleek and slim design thus making it an easy option to be mounted on the wall. This antenna can be also placed high on the window or behind the cabinet, television etc.

Being a multi-directional antenna, it covers a range of 30miles. So, if you have a broadcasting tower that is located at 25miles then this antenna would work wonders. It is a black colored antenna that easily blends with the décor of the room. It would not make it an awkward design that sticks out of the out like certain other antennas.

The setup of this antenna is as simple as plug and play. You just need to look out for a best place in the house for placing the antenna. There is no amplifier along with this antenna. Hence, if you are having trouble receiving strong signals or need to watch additional channels then you would need to purchase a separate amplifier device.

Based on the factors such as tower location, range, interference, etc, you would receive the number of channels. Do not expect to receive premium channels since they would need to be subscribed for separately.

Overall, Bluewire TV antenna is legal and very much useful. Though it cannot be termed as the best but surely it is a good antenna for the cord cutters.