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Latest TV Subscription Data Dump Shows ‘Cord-Cutting’ Isn’t Slowing Down Any Time Soon

With third quarter earnings data now available, it’s clear that the “cord-cutting” phenomenon has become the go-to tactic for homeowners who’ve grown tired of paying for cable television. According to a Nov. 1, 2017 article from the New York Post, five of the seven largest cable TV providers lost a combined 632,000 customers. The newspaper […]

Say Goodbye to Cable and Hello to Life!

Who doesn’t love the travel channel? From learning about different cultures to seeing jaw-dropping landscapes, the travel channel connects us directly to these amazing locations. The same could be said for the cooking channel too. One station filled with skilled chefs teaching you how to make crème brûlée and become the perfect hostess at your […]

Cutting the Cord on Cable TV

There once was a time when ditching your cable provider sounded like the last thing you ever wanted to do. How will you know what Gibbs’ team on NCIS is up to? Who will the Bachelor choose this season? At one point, these pressing questions could only be answered by having an actual cable provider. […]