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Poll Results Reveal Fall TV Viewers Overwhelmingly Favor CBS Science Fiction Drama

Cozying up to the fall television schedule is a perennial American pastime. That’s because the weather begins to worsen for many of us around this time of year and the best solution to bypassing the elements outdoors is often to simply stay inside. Year after year, viewers all across the country wait and see what […]

Stop Handing Over Hard-Earned Cash To Cable Companies When TV Can Be Had For Free

“Why bother?” It’s a question many cable television subscribers have likely asked themselves when thinking about ditching the service. You probably watch TV occasionally, think it is convenient enough and begrudgingly pay the monthly bill. If you ask us though, all of those are great reasons why you should immediately cut ties with your cable […]

Save Money, See The Great Outdoors Again By Ditching Your Cable TV Service

The way we entertain ourselves is changing. Lament and long for the days when kids still played outside, but accept the fact that it may never come back in full force. Technology is the new normal and in one way or another, we’re all always plugged in and turned on. One rather unfortunate outgrowth of […]

Home Improvement Made Easy With These Inexpensive, Eye-Catching Projects For DIY-ers

Home improvement projects in general can seem like a daunting task. Without the know-how, taking a stab at certain household shortcomings like a busted electrical outlet or heater that suddenly isn’t working probably isn’t a good idea. In those cases, we’re going to firmly suggest paying for the services of a professional who is trained […]

Seeking The Best Digital Television Signal? Try These Tips, Tricks To Ensure Quality Service

The transition to digital television wasn’t intended to be a burden upon the masses. Rather, the federally-mandated move was supposed to clear up clutter in the airwaves so that there would be more space for wireless and public safety communications. Prior to this, television broadcasters were sending out both analog signals – which traditional televisions […]

Why Did Television Go Digital? National Transition Was Move To Clear Up Signal Space

The switch to digital television in the U.S. was a landmark event when you consider the sheer scale of the project. With more than 116 million households nationwide, according to recent U.S. Census estimates, that’s a lot of new TVs. Thus, there were a lot of logistics for the Federal Communications Commission-mandated 2009 switch from […]